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    Are contacts right for you?

    Contact lenses are an ideal solution to meet the visual needs of people who lead an active lifestyle or play sports.  With today’s technology, almost anyone can comfortably wear contact lenses even if they need correction for astigmatism, wear bifocal lenses, or have dry eyes.

    Advantages of contact lenses over glasses

    There are many advantages of contact lenses over glasses for active people.  Unlike glasses, contact lenses will not steam up or slide down your nose when you sweat.  Contact lenses provide better peripheral vision because there are no frames to limit the field of vision.  Contact lenses give people the freedom to wear any type of sunglasses, including lightweight wrap-around sport sunglasses that are ideal for hiking, running, and cycling.  Protective sports glasses can easily be worn over contact lenses for sports like racquetball.

    Contacts are safer for sports

    Contact lenses are also a much safer alternative to glasses for many sports.  Glasses are more likely to cause eye injury than contact lenses if broken from a collision with an elbow in a basketball game, a missed header on the soccer field, or a wayward softball.  A contact lens that is properly fit by your eye doctor is unlikely to pop out of the eye, but if a lens is lost, it can easily be replaced with a new one.
    Contact lenses can also be worn under swim goggles or diving masks.  This is especially convenient for people with very high amounts of correction that want to be able to see when in the water.  Since contact lenses can be contaminated by unclean water, doctors recommend only swimming in contacts when wearing goggles, and will usually prescribe daily disposable lenses that are thrown away after exposure to water for these activities.

    Contacts are convenient and affordable

    Today’s contact lenses are very affordable.  A year’s supply of contact lenses can be purchased for about the cost of a good pair of running shoes.  Most contact lenses that are prescribed today are disposable and are designed to be replaced at intervals between one month and every day.  Daily disposable lenses, in particular, are great for people who only wear them for sports or on occasion because you have a fresh, clean lens every time that you put them in and just toss them in the trash at the end of the day.  This makes wearing contact lenses very convenient and easy.

    Ask your doctor if you can wear contacts

    Although most people can wear contact lenses, some are not good candidates for contact lens wear due to irregularities in the cornea on the front of the eye, previous eye surgeries, or other eye health problems.  Only your eye doctor can determine if you’re a good candidate for contact lens wear and will prescribe the most appropriate lens design, size, shape, and power to fit your eyes.

    Contact lenses are a medical device and require a prescription from your eye doctor to purchase.  Your eye doctor will perform a contact lens fitting and evaluation to ensure that contact lens wear will be safe and healthy for your eyes.  Serious complications can arise from contact lens wear, especially from sleeping in lenses or if lenses are not replaced according to your doctor’s instructions.

    Ask your eye doctor today if contact lenses are right for you.


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