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    Limbal Ring On Colored Contact Lenses Explanation

    Colored contact lenses come in different colors but also with varying limbal rings dependent on the look you want to achieve. We’ve listed some examples of limbal rings below.

    No Limbal Ring

    Colored contact lenses without a limbal ring are usually the most natural-looking colored contact lenses. Eye art series colored contacts that do not feature a limbal ring have been named the most natural-looking cosmetic lenses in the world.

    Slight Limbal Ring

    Colored contact lenses with a slight limbal ring refer to lenses that give a slightly darker ring around the iris of the eye. Baby Light lenses feature a slight limbal ring and give the eyes a slightly sharper look than Eye Art. 

    Strong Limbal Ring

    Cosmetic lenses with a strong limbal ring have a defined darker outer ring which gives the eyes a more dramatic look. Charming Halo features a strong limbal ring and gives a beautiful bold look.

    Contrasting Limbal Ring

    Colored lenses with a contrasted limbal ring refer to lenses that have a strong outer ring in a contrasting color to that of the iris. Candy Magic features several colors with a contrasting limbal ring for a more dramatic look.