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    Prescription Verification

    rescription Verification Process For U.S. Customer


    For U.S. Customers Only

    The U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) both regulate contact lenses. Under U.S laws, contact lenses can only be sold on the valid prescription (Rx) of a licensed practitioner. Lenses without power also require a prescription. 

    According to the Fairness to Contact Lens Consumers Act (FCLCA), any contact lens seller has the responsibility to verify the customers’ prescription before selling the lenses (US Region).


    How Does The Process Work?

    First of all, you provides prescription information to us, and then we submits it to your optometrist in a verification request. Your optometrist has eight-business-hours to respond. If the optometrist does not respond within the required time, the prescription is verified automatically, and we may provide contact lenses to you.


    Valid Prescription Upload Process

    To start the verification, you need to upload a valid copy (photo/scan) of the prescription. There are two methods that could be best for you to handle it in the most efficient and easiest way:


    1. After you create an account with Miomi, you can upload the document on '' My Documents '' page
    2. You can also submit the copy or photo scan to the email: [email protected] with your name and order ID.


    Verification Request to Your Eye Care Provider

    Please send us your optometrist’s name and contact methods like email or phone number to email: [email protected]. We will directly contact your optometrist to verify your prescription as soon as possible. As mentioned above, the Contact Lens Rule allows eight-business-hours response time for the optometrist, and if there is no response after that, the prescription will be automatically verified. In addition, a business hour is defined as one hour between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding federal holidays, in the optometrist’s time zone.


    What does a valid contact lens prescription include?

    As defined by FTC regulations, a prescription should contain sufficient information for a seller to completely and accurately fill the prescription. This includes the following items:

    • Patient’s name
    • Examination date
    • Date patient receives prescription after a contact lens fitting (issue date)and expiration date of prescription
    • Name,address, phone number and fax number of prescriber
    • Power
    • Material and/or manufacturer of the prescribed contact lens
    • Base curve or appropriate designation of the prescribed contact lens
    • Diameter,when appropriate, of the prescribed contact lens
    • For a private label contact lens,the name of the manufacturer, trade name of the private label brand, and if applicable, trade name of equivalent brand name


    What if I dont have a contact lens prescription(Rx)?

    You can easily find a eye care center near to you to schedule a test by some online relevant service providers such as Visibly. Please send us the copy after you receive the prescription.